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Welcome to my homepage, my name is Isabelle Kusari, I am French and live in Düsseldorf. I am Mezzosoprano and I sing operatic arias, French songs from the Belle Époque, French historical songs, German Lied, popular folk songs in French and German and international Christmas carols. I sing in several languages and I specialized in French and German. My performances take place with piano, viola, cello, accordion and guitar accompaniment.

Offer a romantic and unforgettable concert with the most beautiful melodies from my repertoire:

  • A wonderful mixture of finest French and German songs from the Renaissance to the 20th century. A musical journey through different centuries and through different regions in France and Germany. Traditional French melodies that blend with German Lied, a discovery of splendid  songs of the Belle Epoque and German folk songs, opera arias that mix with operetta arias and finally piano pieces that frame and  crown the majestic musical atmosphere.
  • A Rendez-vous with History - The History of France in historicals songs. This collection of French historical songs is unique and reflects the historical and musical past of France. The repertoire includes countless masterpieces. My programme extends from the Renaissance until the late 19th Century. I was the first performer in 2014 in France and in Germany in 2013 to present concerts with lectures on the history of France in songs. I condensed and set up a programme describing the whole French Revolution from 1789 till 1799 and a programme explaining the period of Napoleon Bonaparte from 1798 to 1815 in historical songs. Discover those major periods of the history of France through singing and help me to contribute to the preservation of this traditional patrimony and our common cultural heritage.
  • A musical evening in the magnificent land of poets, composers and philosophers -   A fabulous and romantic recital devoted to  German music and poetry from the 17th to the 20th century; with singing and recitations. I introduce the biography and work of great poets, present the masters of Lied and sing treasuries of unknown composers from Germany.
  • The most beautiful songs of the Belle Epoque - A journey to Paris in the atmosphere in late 19th and early 20th century. Paris sings the joy of life and love in all its forms. A treasury of romantic, joyful, nostalgic, sensual and humorous songs which traces and shows Parisian life at the time of the Belle Epoque.
  • A recital that celebrates Women in art and honours their unknown work. An international evening dedicated to great women composers and poets from the history of music. I sing their brillant compositions and present their finest poems. Discover the extraordinary world of women’s art.
  • An unforgettable concert that lives  the magic of Christmas time. I present the most beautiful Christmas songs and carols from all over the world.


As I speak fluent English, I can translate and offer you a short introduction of all mein French and German programmes.

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