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As you can see from my website, I sing in several languages and I specialized in French and German. My programmes are a mixture of famous melodies but also of rare and unknown works of classical music. I am also passionate about historical songs of France and songs of the Belle Epoque, and I adore the poetry and the French and German popular and traditional songs. I was the first artist to present unique recitals on historical themes about the major periods of the History of France, which includes the French Revolution from 1789 till 1799 and Napoléon Bonaparte from 1798 till 1815.


The French and German classical music is filled with unknown works as well as unknown composers and poets. Because of my love for art and my vocation for the classical traditional heritage, I devote lot of my time searching for those unknown works. On one hand to honour those forgotten composers and poets, who spent their life leaving us such a beautiful heritage, on the other hand to present to you those unknown prestigious works and let you discover that treasury, and finally to enrich my cultural skills, contribute to my artistic development and increase and expland my artistic repertoire.


These discoveries of historical songs, unknown poems and traditional folk songs, the achievement and accomplishment of my historical and traditional programmes, the research of these unknown works are for me a lot of fun, they inspire me, they expand my musical vision and fulfill my artistic skills und creative competenses in many ways.This research is also immense and requires a lot of time of work and preparation, massive  inquiries and time spent on translations, enormous examination, considerable exploration and personal financial expense.


I began this research some years go and discovered a repertoire which slowly sinks into total oblivion. And after months of work, I have condensed and put in place two outstanding and exceptional programmes tracing the major periods of the history of France. The majority of my programme about Napoleon Bonaparte has never been presented or sung before, so I was very happy to have celebrated this first and presented this premiere in France for the European Night of Museums  and in Germany for the Exhibition of Land of Bavaria. My historical recitals had a lot of success and the public was fascinated and enthusiastic about my creative concept and about my original idea to combine music with history. I have received countless compliments for this innovation and encouragement for putting in place these historical programmes. My desire is to present these programmes to a worldwide audiance and my dream would be to record this exceptional work.  


I am also a passionate about German poetry and I love German Lied and German traditional folk songs. I also present recitals about great German poets and masters of Lied. My programmes are based on poetic themes with known und unknown German poets and composers in a type of salon music and with an intimate atmosphere like at that time.

Music is eternal and universal. Music touches our heart and our emotions and is the most beautiful world heritage.



  • you are also a passionate music lover and share the same passion for my artistic work and the originality of my repertoire
  • you want to support my historical work and encourage me to pursue other historical themes
  • you want to help me to exhume, resuscitate and to discover unknown composers and poets
  • you want to contribute to the preservation of our common culture and of this traditional art, discover the aesthetics of folk songs, promote traditional works and make them available widely to everyone
  • you want to contribute to the recording of this exceptional historical and traditional repertoire, which is waiting to be discovered.
  • you want to support my artistic creativity, enhance my imagination and help me to implement new creative projects and achieve other innovative programmes.
  • You want to encourage this mixture which is dear to me, of music, singing, poetry and history which make a wonderful harmony in Art.


So I would appreciate your support, whether in form of your recommendation to cultural institutions you may know to present my various programmes, or to book me directly for your events to present the fruit of my exceptional work. You can also encourage and participate to my artistic developpment work and support my projects with your contribution. Note: As I am self-employed and not a corporation, any financial assistance I may receive to my career ist not tax deductible.


Thank you in advance for your interest in my work or for your support to promote my artistic activity


Looking forward  to hearing from you!


Isabelle Kusari                  

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